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Casall Eco fitness bottle 0,7L

Brand: Casall
The Casall Eco Fitness Bottles is a 100% recyclable bottle made from sugarcane bioplastic. This bottle is the perfect training companion for you, your body, and the planet. Best of all, when your journey with the bottle comes to an end, you can pass it back to the recycling bin.
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Cruelty Free
Washable in maximum 45°C water. Be careful to not lose the inside small ring in the cap. Wash the cap and bottle separately. Do not store in strong UV light. Size & Weight Product size: 7.3x7.3x22.0 cm Product weight: 0.08 kg
Bioplastic Bioplastic. At Casall we constantly work to ensure we comply with all applicable environmental regulations and requirements. Our products contain no hazardous chemical substances and are not dangerous for the environment or humans.
Country of origin: Sweden Values: PBA free