• Antipodes


    Antipodes founder and CEO, Elizabeth Barbalich, was looking for natural skincare that offered the same benefits as conventional skincare, but using pure New Zealand ingredients that were independently and scientifically validated.

  • BetterYou


    Founded by Andrew Thomas in 2006, BetterYou was the first company in the world to develop a topically applied magnesium and nutritional oral spray and has been pioneering product development in this area ever since.

  • Casall


    Casall was founded as a pioneering holistic training gym in 1984 with an entrepreneurial spirit inspired by Swedish values and culture. 

  • Coola


    As a child and the eldest of four siblings, Chris Birchby spent a lot of time on the beaches of California, giving surfing and windsurfing lessons during the summers.

  • Ere Perez

    Ere Perez

    Ere Perez was destined to start her own beauty line. Growing up in Mexico with a traditional healer as her grandfather and a mother who prepared homemade beauty remedies, Ere was always passionate about natural healing and beauty. 

  • Fushi


    Ria Pattni, co-founder of Fushi grew up in Kenya and was influenced from an early age by the practice of Ayurveda. It was her husband and business partner Rannesh who came up with the idea to create Fushi. He was inspired by his childhood and his grandfather, who grew herbs and created simple remedies to take care of his health. 

  • Henné Organics

    Henné Organics

    Laura Xiao, founder of Henné in 2015, says that the journey to her brand started much earlier. Curiosity and wanderlust that took her around the world to countries such as Sweden, Denmark, New Zealand, Australia and spending time abroad forced her to discover and focus on the essentials.

  • Hurraw!


    Corrie Colbert and her husband, Neil Stuber, moved to Montana from New York City and began making Hurraw! lip balm in 2008. In January 2010 it was launched nationally in the United States. 

  • Juice Beauty

    Juice Beauty

    It all began when Karen Behnke, an entrepreneur at one of America's first wellness companies, developed a keen interest in personal care products with her first pregnancy at age 40. Experiencing hormonal changes and the onset of wrinkles, Karen set out to find healthy skincare solutions that would deliver visible results. 

  • Kost Kamm

    Kost Kamm

    In the middle of the 19th century in Germany, the Kost family had been handcrafting a wide variety of combs from horn, bone, tortoise shell, wood... These materials were largely replaced by the "plastic age" and the manufacture of wooden combs became an almost forgotten craft. 

  • Mádara


    Born in 2006, Mádara Organic Skincare is a natural cosmetics brand from Latvia, founded by four women - Paula, Lotte, Zane and Liene - who couldn't find what they were looking for and decided to create it themselves. 

  • Microgreen Spirulina

    Microgreen Spirulina

    Microgreen Spirulina was born as a project and as a life mission thanks to an accumulation of personal and professional experiences over the years. 

  • Niyok


    It sounds so enterprising that it is almost unbelievable, but the story of Carlo Hanuszkiewick and John Peitschner actually began in the kitchen of their home in Berlin (Germany). There they wondered why coconut oil is so little used in dental care when it has such beneficial effects on the oral flora. 

  • Nourish London

    Nourish London

    Nourish London was founded by Dr Pauline Hili, a renowned British organic skincare expert with over 30 years experience in harnessing the potent power of natural ingredients. 

  • Odacité


    Born and raised in Paris, living in Los Angeles, for Valerie Gradury it all started after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She realised that if she wanted to heal herself [and her children to have a livable planet] she would have to make it her mission to remove all the toxins from her environment, starting with the products she was applying to her skin every day. 



    Georgie Cleeve founded OSKIA in 2010 in his native Britain. Her initial idea, based on the properties of the exceptional mineral sulphur (MSM), soon evolved into a broader approach that is now part of the most advanced bio-nutritional skin care technology. 

  • Pandoo


    The idea of sustainable alternatives to environmentally harmful everyday products as well as single-use products occurred to the young Salvatore Decker on his travels around the world. 

  • Puori


    In 2009 in Denmark, two friends Oliver Amdrup and Julius Heslet founded Puori with the ambition to create the cleanest fish oil on the market. They were fed up with products full of unnatural fillers, "proprietary blends" and poor quality ingredients. 

  • Soleil Tourjours

    Soleil Tourjours

    Soleil Toujours was founded in 2014. The inspiration of its creator Valerie McMurray, comes from her firm belief that we can have it all: exceptional sun protection that rejuvenates and cares for the skin. 

  • Viridian Nutrition

    Viridian Nutrition

    En el corazón de Viridian Nutrition se encuentra una filosofía que se preocupa por los productos naturales, apoya el cultivo orgánico, la preservación respetuosa de las antiguas tradiciones de salud y la introducción de innovadores suplementos para la salud.