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Casall Long Rubber Band light

Brand: Casall
A multipurpose tool for functional, strength, power, flexibility, agility and quickness training.
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Casall Flex rubber bands are the perfect tool for flexibility, strenght and stability training. This band targets both the upper and lower body. o Reference resistance for light: 7-11 kg. Size & Weight o Product size: 208.0x1.3x0.5 cm o Product weight: 0.18 kg Care instruction Washable in cold water. Always check before use and if you see any cracks or damage on product do not use. Avoid direct sun light. Casall resistance bands are made from a natural latex rubber, the material is sensitive to UV light and can change colour if directly exposed. Casall choose to use natural materials to avoid chemically produced materials but above all these materials offer greater resistance. Note that If the bands loose colour it does not mean that they loose functionality at all.
Natural rubber, may contain traces of latex.
Country of origin: Sweden Values: natural materials, durability, comfort