MaiKa'i is a one-stop global wellness and beauty destinationgathering in one place aconcept store, coaching platform and magazine

Store, coaching platform and magazine

Our mission is to spread awareness of a conscious and sustainable lifestyle,focusing on health and prevention and addressing the three human dimensions ofmind, body and soul.

We believe that beauty begins on the inside. Youthful, juicy and good-looking skin isthe result of overall health and well-being.

That is why we decided to develop a whole modern wellness concept to empowerour customers to take charge of their health, allowing them to design their ownperception of wellness by bringing together in one place the best of clean brands,wellness coaching, tools and practices.

Concept Store

Our Concept Store is a place where nature meets science. We have consciouslyselected a range of beauty, skin and hair care products with a common standard:safe, effective, sustainable and properly formulated ingredients. We have alsoincluded a range of nutritional supplements, herbs, oils and tools for stress reliefpractices such as yoga and meditation.


We have a team of experts in our core areas: natural cosmetics and energetic nutrition, to help you feel andbecome the best version of yourself.

Through our coaching platform you can book an appointment and have an onlineconsultation from the comfort of your home.


Our magazine is committed to empower readers through in-depth knowledge tomake better decisions when buying a product or trying a holistic practice or therapy.

Our topics include beauty tips, recipes, product reviews and healthy lifestyle choices..


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