It sounds so enterprising that it is almost unbelievable, but the story of Carlo Hanuszkiewick and John Peitschner actually began in the kitchen of their home in Berlin (Germany). 

There they wondered why coconut oil is so little used in dental care when it has such beneficial effects on the oral flora. After much research and discussions with dentists and experts, they realised that much more could be done better. 

For example, most toothpastes contain more than 80% water and are loaded with substances that have no effect. Oral care products are rarely packaged in a sustainable way and are certainly not transparent when it comes to ingredients. This is why the two young people wanted to develop a natural alternative to all the synthetic products out there and to raise awareness about what we put in our mouths every morning. To do so, they approached their project with a very minimalistic but critical vision and questioned oral care from the ground up. 

With that, Niyok was born. 


The main ingredient of the Niyok oral hygiene line is organic coconut oil. Due to its high lauric acid content it has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that protect teeth and gums. Niyok toothpastes do not contain aggressive foaming agents such as SLS or other sulphates, PEG, parabens, fluorine/fluoride or micro plastics. They come in a sustainable chalk tube, are certified by Kosmos Natural and produced with electricity from renewable sources. 


If you want to buy Niyok hygiene products you can do it easily on our website.

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