Innersense Organic Beauty


Innersense Organic Beauty is a love story between two seasoned beauty professionals who share a passion for health, hair, beauty and the planet. 

Greg and Joanne Starkman founded the brand in 2005 when they realised the need for clean, pure, organic, non-toxic, professional-grade hair care products

Greg was immersed in the beauty industry since he was a child through his mother's successful cosmetics company. After working as a stylist for 12 years, Greg became an ingredient expert and a leader in the clean beauty movement.

Joanne was a salon stylist for over a decade before the birth of her special needs daughter inspired an awakening to the importance of living a clean and healthy lifestyle. Aware of the effects of harsh chemical ingredients in personal care products, she set out to develop clean, safe and non-toxic professional products for her family, her salon colleagues and the clients they serve. 


Innersense Organic Beauty is based on salon performance formulas that moisturise, nourish and revitalise all hair types. 

All Innersence products are made with the highest quality, certified organic ingredients in the purest, most concentrated form to create a complete, award-winning line of safe, sustainable and cruelty-free personal care products.

The original love story that started between two people has grown into a whole community full of love: love for the planet, for people and for clean, pure, beautiful hair

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