Corrie Colbert and her husband, Neil Stuber, moved to Montana from New York City and began making Hurraw! lip balm in 2008. 

In January 2010 it was launched nationally in the United States. 

Next time you think of Montana's dryness, you can be thankful that, for one entrepreneur, the climate inspired a line of exceptional lip products. 

Like many useful products, the idea was inspired by a need. Searching for a lip balm that combined the qualities she valued, Corrie couldn't find anything that was exactly what she wanted. Following a time-honoured tradition, she decided to invent the product she had in mind and Hurraw! was born. 

The name comes from Corrie and Neil's passion for a vegan and raw lifestyle.


The couple had very specific ideas about what the product should look like. It had to be organic, using high quality cold pressed oils, and it had to be smooth, long lasting and attractive, with no artificial preservatives. Experience with the raw food diet had given her a solid background and knowledge base, and this led her to do extensive research to find the right suppliers and ingredients. "Sourcing honest, fair trade, organic, vegan and raw ingredients from reputable suppliers was difficult at best," she says in an interview. "We finally did it and are thrilled to share the work of our hard work with other balm-loving people. Your purchase supports legitimate fair trade, organic farmers and suppliers here in the U.S. and around the world. 


If you want to buy Hurraw! lip care products you can do it easily on our website.

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