Omega 3, Magensio y Vitamina 3 Puori - 1
  • Omega 3, Magensio y Vitamina 3 Puori - 1

P3 - Convenient daily multinutrient packs - 30 servings

Brand: Puori

Puori 3 is made for monthly subscriptions with its 30 convenient sachets containing three essential nutrients for your body: Omega 3, Magnesium and Vitamin D. As a subscriber, you get 10% discount every month and never need to worry about running out.

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Why choose P3? Puori made P3 to offer a convenient combination of our most popular but also most important nutrients Puri Omega3, Magenesum and Vitmain D in daily packs. Why should you take this combination? The Puori 3 contains the essential micronutrients that most people need as a supplement to stay healthy, conveniently packed in daily doses easy to bring with you on the go. Ingredient story O3 The raw fish oil is sourced from wild caught anchovies in the Pacific Ocean sustainable caught and certified by FOS (Friend of the sea). The wild caught anchovies are caught and quickly processed at the harbor, which allows for a quick processing time and thereby secures a fresher oil. M3 The minerals in M3 are sourced from seawater and subsoil rich in these specific minerals. The minerals are extracted, purified and mixed together. In M3 we use two types of chelated magnesium forms. Chelated types of magnesium are shown to have better absorption in the body compared to in-organic forms such as magnesium oxide. In addition, vitamin B6 and malic acid are added to increase mineral absorption from the gut and into the cells. Zinc is further added for full synergistic effects of the complex. D3 The vitamin D in Puori D3 is extracted from lanolin, a natural component of sheeps wool. The wool is gently sheared from the sheep, without harming the animal, and undergoes a purification and cleaning process. UV light on the wool makes forms the active vitamin D, comparable to how sunlight on our skin. Afterwards, the vitamin D is mixed with organic virgin coconut oil. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin and combing it with organic coconut oil improves the absorption process as vitamin D needs fats for its uptake. Benefits Immune system - Many of the cells that are important for an immune response need vitamin D to function. An example is killer cells which target bacteria and viruses. Energy Magnesium is involved in the making and usage of energy. If you are deficient in magnesium, the consequences are tiredness, nausea and fatigue. Supplementing with magnesium in this case will contribute to a reduction in these symptoms. Similarly, vitamin B6 helps reduce tiredness and fatigue and zinc is involved in metabolizing macro nutrients. Electrolyte Balance - Magnesium is one of the important ions which helps us keep our electrolyte balance and hence make sure the bodys fluid status is kept in balance as electrolytes are helping the body keep the right amount of fluid inside and outside of the cells. Brain and vision Around 60% of the brain consists of fat and especially DHA is found in abundance in both the brain and retina of the eye. Hence, DHA is a vital component in the development of normal brain and eye function in the developing foetus and constitutes a building block for billions of neurons. Learning is highly associated with the ability to form new connections in the brain, and DHA appears to play a critical role maintaining and preserving plasticity of the brain.

Omega 3-Ultra pure and fresh fish oil from wild caught anchovies which is sustainably caught. Natural lemon flavour from real lemons is added. Natural extracted vitamin E is added to the fish oil to make sure its stay fresh. Highly absorbable forms of magnesium derived from mineral rich seawater and subsoil. Vitamin B6 and Zinc has great synergistic effects with magnesium. Malic acid enhances the absorption of magnesium from the gut. Naturally sourced vitamin D from lanolin, a natural component extracted from sheep’s wool. Organic, virgin cold-pressed coconut oil used as a carrier for vitamin D for best possible absorption.

Origin: Denmark Formula: Sustainably sourced, free from heavy metals, pesticides and other contaminants ( BPA, BPS, Phtalates) Certification: Clean Label Project (uses data and science to reveal the true contents of America’s best-selling consumer products. Products are tested in an accredited analytical chemistry laboratory for 130 harmful environmental and industrial contaminants and toxins. Results are published online )