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Casall Yoga mat position 4mm Calming green

Brand: Casall

Well cushioned, with excellent traction and a sophisticated design, this mat is your essential tool for your yoga practices

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Cruelty Free

This is a must-have yoga tool which is ideal to use at home, at the gym or when travelling. The mat is well-cushioned and has good traction to help you through the most challenging poses in the most comfortable way. Benefits o Flexible TPE material quality for improved grip compare to most other TPE mats in the market. o Composed of 2 layers of TPE for comfort with an added mesh layer for durability. o The most essential mat in the Casall range. Ideal to use at home or bring to the gym. o Always available in seasonal color matching styles. Size & Weight o Product size: 183.0x61.0x0.4 cm o Product weight: 0.73 kg Care instruction We recommend that you don't use shoes on this mat. Washable in cold water. No machine wash. Please note this yoga mats are not made to be used in direct sunlight, the material risk to shrink. If you use it outside, make sure that it is not warmer than regular room temperatures outside. Also avoid storing it against painted or varnished surfaces.

TPE Rubber; pvc free and recyclable.

Country of origin: Sweden Values: recyclable rubber, PVC free