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Casall Exercise mat Cushion 5mm Brilliant Pink

Brand: Casall
Well cushioned, with excellent traction and a sophisticated design, this mat is your essential tool for your work out practices
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Cruelty Free
This mat provides some traction and cushioning for basic flexibility or strength exercises on the floor. The material have very good durability and can be used with shoes on. The unique blend of EVA and TPE foam material creates a very lightweight mat. Easy to carry and bring with you everywhere. Recyclable material. The mat is free from PVC and contains no phthalates. Benefits o Flexible TPE material quality for improved grip compare to most other TPE mats in the market. o Composed of 2 layers of TPE for comfort with an added mesh layer for durability. o Ideal to use at home or bring to the gym. o Always available in seasonal color matching styles. Size & Weight o Product size: 185.0x61.0x0.5 cm o Product weight: 1,4 kg Care instruction Never expose to direct sunlight. We recommend use barefoot only. Hand wash in cold water (no machine-wash) and let dry by air. Avoid storing the mat on painted or varnished surfaces.
PVC with a non- phthalates plasticizer.
Country of origin: Sweden Values: Phthalate free